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A classification by the Pure Land and Tien-tai schools of the pure realms subsumed under the Land of Amitābha Buddha, as described in the sūtras:

  1. The Land of Common Residence of Beings and Saints ( Land Where Saints and Ordinary Beings Dwell Together ) - ( 凡聖同居土 ) , where all beings, from the Six Planes of Existence (hells, hungry ghosts .. ) to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, live together. This Land is sometimes further divided into two, the Common Residence Pure Land and the Common Residence Impure Land.
  2. The Land of Expediency ( Land of Expedient Liberation) - ( 方便有餘土 ) inhabited by the Arhats and Pratyeka-buddhas.
  3. The Land of Real Reward - ( 莊嚴依報土 ) inhabited by the great Bodhisattvas.
  4. The Land of Eternally Quiescent Light - ( 常寂先淨土 ) in which the Buddhas dwell.

These distinctions are at the phenomenal level. At the noumenon level, there is, of course, no difference among them.

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