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ojā: 'nutriment' (synonym of āhāra, q.v.), is one of those 8 minimal constituent parts, or qualities, of all corporeality, to wit: the solid, liquid, heat, motion; colour, odour, taste and nutriment. This is the 'octad with nutriment as the eighth (factor)' (ojatthamaka-kalāpa), also called the 'pure eightfold unit' (suddhaṭṭhaka-kalāpa), being the most primitive material combination. For further details, s. rūpa-kalāpa.

Buddhist Dictionary, Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines, by NYANATILOKA MAHATHERA

Ojā (f.) [Vedic ojas nt., also BSk. oja nt. Divy 105; fr. *aug to increase, as in Lat. auges, augustus & auxilium, Goth. aukan (augment), Ags. ēacian; cp. also Gr.a)e/cw, Sk. ukṣati & vakṣana increase] strength, but only in meaning of strength -- giving, nutritive essence (appld. to food) M i.245; S ii.87; v.162 (dhammɔ); Aiii.396; J i.68; Dhs 646, 740, 875; Miln 156; DhA ii.154 (paṭhav˚). See also def. at Vism 450 (referring to kabalinkārɔāhāra. The compn. form is oja, e. g. ojadāna Jv.243; ojaṭṭhamaka (rūpa) Vism 341.

Pali-English Dictionary, TW Rhys Davids, William Stede,
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