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Where there is birth, there will also be death. You know this. But do you really connect with it, embrace it, live it and welcome it into your practice? Welcome to Death Dhamma. A place where death will be your teacher. Together we will explore how the ultimate impermanence can strengthen our practice and improve the quality of our lives.

About the author 

Margaret Meloni, PhD is a Theravada Buddhist practitioner, businessperson, and the author of Carpooling with Death: How living with Death will make you Stronger, Wiser and Fearless. One day, while navigating the demands of everyday life; she realized that more significant challenges were coming her way. She began to realize that the people she loved were going to die. Her mother-in-law, Lee, was in her 90s, her parents were approaching their 80s, and her husband, Ed, had already outlived his father. She had already said goodbye to others. 

She began to wonder, “How can I handle losing the people I love the most?” The answer to her question came from her reliance on her Buddhist practice. Now that she has made friends with death, her goal is to help all of us to accept death as an essential part of life.
Death Dhamma is published monthly.

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Matters of <i>Mettā</i> and Merit
Dedicating goodwill toward others
Uploaded 4 Oct 2021
Where There Is Grief, Let There Be Compassion
Responding to loss and bereavement with a mindful and open heart
Uploaded 3 Sep 2021
Are More People the Answer?
Lessons from the Buddha on coping with loss
Uploaded 29 Jul 2021
We Are the Flowers in the Garden
Cultivating joy and beauty amid impermanence
Uploaded 5 Jul 2021
In Death, There Is Privilege
Understanding our relationship with death and using privilege wisely
Uploaded 28 May 2021
Today I Will Be Happy and Sad and . . .
Emotional insight: welcoming and spending time with our feelings
Uploaded 4 May 2021
Let Clinging Be Your Teacher
Working with the emotions, surroundings, and more that are part of the grief journey
Uploaded 30 Mar 2021
When it Comes to Grief, It’s Come as You Are
Acknowledging, accepting, embracing
Uploaded 10 Mar 2021
To Say Goodbye to Suffering, Learn to Say Hello to Difficult Emotions
Coming face-to-face with grief
Uploaded 18 Feb 2021
Can’t Sit with It? Then Walk with It!
Taking steps toward knowing our grief
Uploaded 30 Jan 2021
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