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Each day our world confronts new obstacles. Just as quickly, we see major breakthroughs in science and technology. Everyday Compassion looks at looks at how the teachings of Buddhism, an ancient body of philosophy and religion in the world, continues to influence and shape all aspects of life today. This column explores how our society, through these tumultuous shifts and changes in the way reality constructs itself, can benefit from following these ancient tenets.


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Shaelyn McHugh is a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is part of the rising generation that is ambitiously trying to leave the world a better place than they entered it.


Everyday Compassion is published Occasionally


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From Thailand to California: The Buddhist Abbot Who Followed his Dreams
A blending of cultures and practices on the winding path of life
Uploaded 21 May 2020
From Vesak to Solstice: Connecting Through Festival
How festivals bring us together, unite generations, and preserve cultures
Uploaded 17 Jan 2020
Reinventing the Warrior
Finding courage, seeking wisdom
Uploaded 28 Oct 2019
The Sweet Sound of Silence
Unique things happen when we escape the buzz of city life
Uploaded 25 Sep 2019
Powered by Plants: Realistic Individual Action for the Earth
Why eating vegetables is even healthier than you may have thought
Uploaded 25 Feb 2019
Preserving the Buddha’s Birthplace: A Case Against a Spiritual Disneyland
Compassion and conservation in Lumbini
Uploaded 29 Nov 2018
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