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Centre of Buddhist Studies
The Centre of Buddhist Studies of The University of Hong Kong, officially inaugurated in 2002, is a self-funded academic centre that relies on the generous support and donations from benefactors, the first of its kind in a Hong Kong tertiary institution.
The Centre’s objective is to achieve excellence in the promotion of high quality academic studies and in-depth research of Buddhism in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the region, serving as the gateway for exchange between Chinese and Western Buddhist scholars. Through the integrated studies of other disciplines with Buddhism, the Centre also aims to initiate innovative thinking and create a new horizon for Buddhist studies and research. Programmes offered include, the Master of Buddhist Studies degree programme, Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees, undergraduate courses, and Certificate Course in Buddhist Textual Studies. Apart from academic activities, the Centre hosts lectures, public talks, workshops, seminars and conferences to promote Buddhist studies to the community.
Through exploring the essence and essentials of Buddhism, we hope to find a way to put the modern mind at ease and at peace with itself through the wisdom of the Buddha.
Pioneering a Master’s degree programme in Buddhist studies
The Centre is the first to offer a taught Master’s degree programme of Buddhist studies in Hong Kong through the University of Hong Kong, the oldest and leading university in the territory. Looking towards China and around the world, there is a growing global interest in Buddhist studies from many new perspectives. Against such an international backdrop, the setting up of the Centre of Buddhist Studies in 2002 was a positive response to the needs of the time and the community. It has ushered in a new stage in the University’s research efforts on humanities.
The programme is intended for teachers, psychologists, social workers and counselors who want to study how Buddhist teachings add a new dimension to the science of the human psyche and how their application may enhance the effectiveness in their personal and professional lives. It is also for individuals who are interested in the philosophy of life and/or want to study Buddhism and its practices, in a comprehensive and systematic way as a means for spiritual development. The programme offers new perspectives in many areas not traditionally associated with the study of a religious faith. Participants have an opportunity to study Buddhism not only as a religious practice but also as a philosophy and an ethics system, and in metaphysical terms. It is also of interest to those who wish to learn more about the relationship between science and Buddhism.
Through a fundamental understanding of the Buddhist teachings, the programme will enable students to develop better mind and life management skills, the key to sustainable happiness. Contented and happy individuals collectively constitute a more harmonious and tolerant society. Further postgraduate research programmes provide students with the opportunity to conduct research in the study of Buddhism and assess its value to modern society. It is expected that original and scholarly research will lead to the innovative application of Buddhist philosophy to contemporary studies in social sciences and human well-being such as psychotherapy, neuroscience, education, palliative care and business management.
Religious affiliation or otherwise is not information required from applicants for the programmes on offer, as it is not the purpose of the Centre to convert people to the Buddhist faith.
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