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Imagery and Iconography examines the origins and development of deities found in the Japanese Esoteric Buddhist traditions, many of which have roots in Indian Buddhism and underwent iconographical transformations as they migrated through China and Korea to Japan.


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Michael Van Hartingsveldt is a Jr. Collections Management Technician at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where he specializes in East Asian art collections. He has delivered a five-part lecture series on “Deities in Japanese Art” at the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (JFLA), and is a guest curator with the JFLA and a research scholar at LACMA. Michael volunteers with various cultural institutions and endeavors to heighten the public’s understanding of Asian art. 


Imagery and Iconography is discontinued but you can continue reading the column articles below.

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At the Center of It All: Taishakuten Iconography
The immutable protector and chief of the Guardian Kings
Uploaded 20 Jun 2019
The King of the West: Kōmokuten Iconography
Punisher of evil, encouraging those aspiring to enlightenment
Uploaded 17 May 2019
The King of the South: Zо̄chо̄ten Iconography
A look at the "Lord who expands" in Japanese art
Uploaded 12 Apr 2019
The King of the East: Jikokuten Iconography
Protectors of the Buddhist cosmos
Uploaded 23 Mar 2019
King of Kings: The Propagation of Bishamonten Iconography
Celestial beings represented in Japanese Buddhism
Uploaded 14 Feb 2019
Protected on All Four Sides: The Propagation of Guardian King Iconography
Guardians of the four cardinal directions
Uploaded 18 Jan 2019
They Who Guard the Gate: The Propagation of <i>Kongо̄rikishi</i> Iconography
The two benevolent kings protecting the temple gates
Uploaded 21 Dec 2018
<i>Butsuzо̄</i> in the Shell: The Buddhist Sculptures of Takuma Kamine
Buddhist iconography re-interpreted through 21st century techniques
Uploaded 23 Nov 2018
Diamond-like Strength: The Propagation of Kongō-yasha Myōō Iconography
The fifth Wisdom King of the godai myōō
Uploaded 18 Oct 2018
With the Wrath of a Serpent: The Propagation of Gudari Myо̄о̄ Iconography
Manifestations of Kundali Vidyaraja in Japanese Buddhism
Uploaded 21 Sep 2018
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