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<i>Buddhistdoor View</i>: Quenching the Flames of Nationalism
Balancing conventional national truth with ultimate nation-less truth
Uploaded 24 Aug 2019
Healing the Wounds of War with Love and Compassion
Facing the legacy of war in Vietnam with Buddhist compassion
Uploaded 21 Oct 2016
Buddhism in the UK Fire and Rescue Services
A brief history of the work of Faith and Fire
Uploaded 4 Mar 2016
A ‘peace’ of Pure Land... right now
Pure Land is not a Buddhist heaven where we go when we die. It is a present conscious reality available to every person. It was Wednesday morning and I had travelled by bus to the town of Yu Qian Chin
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
Living with Homelessness in Hong Kong
Last Friday, I joined an entourage from the charity Sunshine Action, which my Dharma sister’s brother manages. Our objective was to pass out packed dinners, fruits, drinks, and blankets to designated
Uploaded 5 Dec 2012
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