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Nāgārjuna’s Śūnyatā Doctrine As Seen the MMK
Editor's note: This poem was first published in the now-retired Bodhi Journal, Issue 8, June 2008. It is a general assumption of the most scholars that the Emptiness Theory of Nāgārjuna is a kind of r
Uploaded 22 Apr 2013
Pāli Terminologies for ‘Nature’: ‘Harmonious Co-existence’ in Biodiversity
Editor's note: This article was published in the 10th Issue of the now-retired Bodhi Journal in December, 2008. It has been republished in a slightly altered format, although no content has been remov
Uploaded 7 Feb 2013
The Four Assurances of a Holy Life
Throughout 45 years of his life as the Enlightened One, the Buddha in his every sermon (sutta) focused on only two things namely, suffering (dukkha) and cessation of suffering (dukkha-nirodha). Thus h
Uploaded 1 Aug 2011
A Moment of Reflection!
Change is the very nature of the phenomenal existence. But most of the times we are not ready to face it. It becomes extremely difficult especially when it happens almost suddenly and if it is bigger
Uploaded 29 Nov 2010
The Meaning and Significance of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems
In the Theravāda Buddhist Tradition the followers before performing any rites and rituals, chanting, recitation of suttas etc. Usually take refuge in the triple gems (tiratana), namely: the Buddha, th
Uploaded 17 Nov 2009
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