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The Mathematics of Altruism
It may come as a surprise to some, that mathematics can venture into the world of ethics and support and prove the value of some fundamental moral principles such as kindness and forgiveness - the com
Uploaded 28 Mar 2011
A Model Aiding the Mindfulness of Karmic Law
This article provides an argument for the pragmatic value of a model intended to witness (to a degree) and study karma’s chain of cause and effect through Saṃsāra’s cycles. The key component of this m
Uploaded 7 Mar 2011
Goal oriented action – a useful illusion?
There is an intricate and subtly fine-tuned mechanism which governs our daily choices, actions and motivation. In its most general sense it is the motivation - goal - reward system. This mechanism whe
Uploaded 14 Feb 2011
Freethinking and Spirituality: Misunderstandings and Presumptions
English vocabulary has the word “freethinker,” which the New Oxford American Dictionary defines as: “a person who rejects accepted opinions, esp. those concerning religious belief.” According to this
Uploaded 1 Sep 2010
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