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Did the Buddha go to Myanmar? On the Trail of Old Folk Tales
Weaving the Buddha into the Burmese identity Legends are what fill the uncertain space between history and fiction. Some of the most popular legends tell where historical figures might have gone: did
Uploaded 8 May 2014
Criteria for Moral Judgment, from a Buddhist perspective
It is axiomatic that every religion accepts the existence of morality and immorality. But, when we come to the point of how to judge an action either as moral or immoral, each religion and philosopher
Uploaded 1 Jan 2012
Compassion that Flourished in the Deer Park of Isipatana (Part 2/2)
Some people expresses doubt in regard to the possibility of cultivating loving kindness and compassion in a situation where one’s life is at risk. However the Puṇṇasutta of Saṃyuttanikāya (SN: 35.88)
Uploaded 17 Dec 2009
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