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The Path and Practice of Vajra Romance
A couple's work for the Diamond Vehicle
Uploaded 23 Dec 2018
<i>Buddhistdoor View</i>: Revisiting Resolutions for Buddhist Media in 2018
A Noble Eightfold Path for the press and the media
Uploaded 6 Jan 2018
The Nostalgia of 2,500 Years: Celebrating South Asia’s Buddhist Heritage
Buddhist traditions and spiritual heritage of the region
Uploaded 18 Dec 2015
<i>Buddhistdoor View</i>: Hope and Meaning
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is terrifying for many reasons. It is particularly frightening because of its macabre appeal to youth around the world, who should have little reason to sneak aw
Uploaded 6 Mar 2015
The Familiar Oddities of Ikkyū Sōjun
Sex and Zen - the Japanese monk-poet Ikkyu on women, love, and prose
Uploaded 27 May 2014
Gay Marriage and Buddhism: A Simple Deal
Behind the tinkle of white cups is my aunt’s loud and confident voice, declaring that while gay marriage should be allowed, it shouldn’t be permissible for homosexuals to adopt children. Lest, of cour
Uploaded 5 Jan 2013
The strong and beautiful Migaila is perhaps the single most daring creative liberty taken with the story of the Buddha. First of all, there is no Migaila in the canonical accounts of the Buddha’
Uploaded 18 Oct 2011
Poetry and poignancy that pierces the heart and mind
Buddhacarita or Acts of the Buddha Author: AsvaghosaTranslation and Commentary by E.H. Johnston, 2004 edition   Asvaghosa was an ancient Indian dramatist and is one of my literary heroes. I find
Uploaded 1 Aug 2011
Three Components of Love
Buddhism has produced a vast body of literature dealing with the subject of love. From the sutras to eminent philosophers and modern professors – it is difficult to imagine that a stone remains unturn
Uploaded 1 Apr 2011
The Spirituality of Writing
“Learn how to meditate on paper. Drawing and writing are forms of meditation.” – Thomas Merton “I am writing this not to many, but to you: certainly we are a great enough audience for each other. (Hae
Uploaded 10 Jan 2011
Losing Yourself in a Relationship
How you can dissolve your identity in a relationship
Uploaded 1 Sep 2010
Our Buddhist Lands: The Heritage of Central Asia
Few realms have captured the romantic imagination of both East and West than Central Asia. Central Asia is home to an invaluable chapter of Buddhism’s heritage and pilgrimage. And as muted as it is to
Uploaded 1 Jun 2010
The lover’s calling and the Four Divine Abodes: Dynamics of relationships and the Buddhist vocation
This week’s column is dedicated to Jo.   The coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day, the day on which couples take a special time-out for each other and exchange gifts as tokens of their devotion. It mi
Uploaded 12 Feb 2010
Happy Marriages from the Buddha’s Perspective
Last year in Hong Kong, several venerables and other monks gathered together to marry the daughter of a Buddhist and her new husband. A joyous milestone indeed, but Buddhist love remains, at its core,
Uploaded 1 Jan 2010
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