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Loving your Weeds: An Interview with Peggy Rowe Ward
The first article in Caitlin's new column, "Women in Buddhism"
Uploaded 22 Jan 2016
Can Mindfulness be Practiced Independently of Buddhism?
In February this year, Time magazine included a feature called “The Mindful Revolution” as its cover story, illustrated with an image of a girl meditating peacefully. With the great efforts to researc
Uploaded 14 Nov 2014
"Pizzled" and "Frazzled" Minds: How Meditation can Help
Sangeeta Bansal Ph.D, a researcher and writer, is also the founder of a non-profit called Mindside, which aims to make the benefits of mindfulness meditation available to all. Mindside offers an eight
Uploaded 8 Mar 2014
Breaking the Habit: Buddhism and the Personal Aspects of Suffering
This is a shortened and edited version of an article I wrote for the recently published second volume of Book B. Book B is a contemporary series of books featuring articles about spirituality, art, an
Uploaded 7 Feb 2011
Kusala and Akusala
For Buddhists, the practice of moral life is a graduated course.  It involves self-transformation from a lower to higher level.  Moral teachings in Buddhism are not commandments but rather as guidelin
Uploaded 1 Nov 2008
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