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To Suffer or Not to Suffer, That is the Question!
Choosing happiness in the face of suffering
Uploaded 25 May 2018
Right Speech in the Internet Age: If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Say Nothing at All
The power of compassion in an unkind world
Uploaded 13 Apr 2017
Accumulating Trash: How to Keep Our Minds From Becoming a Garbage Dump
Mental hygiene for a happier life
Uploaded 10 Mar 2017
The Light in the Darkness: Opening our Hearts to Hope
A story of personal redemption
Uploaded 18 Nov 2016
Kintsugi: Fix a Broken Heart with Gold!
I recently read that kintsugi is a Japanese art form where broken pottery is fixed with a lacquer resin sprinkled with powdered gold. Once the broken potte
Uploaded 25 Nov 2013
Forgiveness is the best way to repay karmic debt
This last week has been deeply insightful for me. I heard from three different people about their stories of betrayal, anger, and all-consuming desire for revenge. One of my friends had been let down
Uploaded 17 Sep 2013
Love versus Attachment
How to identify love and attachment's differences
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
Save the Best for Last!
Yesterday I gave my daughter some chocolates. She quickly gobbled up a few and kept her favorite one for later. I asked her why she had kept her favorite one, and had she not particularly liked the fi
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
Parent's Instruction Manual
My new iPhone came in a beautiful box all nicely packed with all the accessories and the user guide.  It’s working well and once in a while when I have trouble figuring out something I imme
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
Meditation is not Mind Control
A few years ago, when I attended my first Vipassana meditation retreat, it felt like the worst imaginable situation. I had never ever shut my mouth or my mind for even 5 minutes; leave alone for the r
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
How to handle slander and gossip
Life coach Shveitta Sharma tackles gossip in the office and social life
Uploaded 22 Jun 2013
Looking the spiritual type
Some time ago at a cocktail, a gentleman came up to me and told me that he had heard about my Vipassana experience and he was contemplating on attending the 10 day retreat. I shared with him my experi
Uploaded 25 Mar 2013
I Kidnapped a Monk!
Editor's note: Shveitta is a life coach and a regular contributor to Buddhistdoor International. Her column is devoted to all that she has learnt about happiness. According to
Uploaded 7 Jan 2013
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