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Tradition and Innovation: Chinese Buddhism Beyond Asia
2016's SPECIAL ISSUE on Chinese Buddhism in different cultures and contexts!
Uploaded 29 Dec 2016
Ven. Hin Hung Interview: “Buddhism confronts an uncertain but exciting future”
Our conversation with Ven. Hin Hung on the future of Buddhism.
Uploaded 1 Apr 2014
Relax. Trust. And Thank
The author has spent many years in China as a ‘bridge builder’, that is, being a bridge between East and West and introducing Pure Land Buddhism to a Western audience. He has watched many people come
Uploaded 1 Dec 2013
The Mis-technique of Meditation
Many people come to meditation very troubled about how to do it successfully.  Many of you here want to learn meditation in the Chinese Pure Land tradition for the first time.   Many peopl
Uploaded 26 Nov 2013
Meditation and the clinical applications of mindfulness
‘The benefits of meditation are two-fold,’ says Ajahn Brahmali, a Buddhist monk of over 11 years standing, a resident of the Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery in Western Australia. ‘The
Uploaded 27 Sep 2013
Pure Land Amidst Pots and Pans
The temple cook is stoking the fire with dried branches of bamboo while the venerable Zhi Chang peels turnips over an old stone sink. It is my task today to chop up the ginger and coriander then clean
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
Fear or Love: From Meditation on Monday with Zhi Sheng
Fear is the air we breathe. We subscribe to religions that exploit our dread of death.  We do business in an economy of fear as we worry about losing competition with the other competitors driven by c
Uploaded 19 Aug 2013
Other-Power in Pure Land Buddhism
One of the main discussions around Pure Land Buddhism is that of Other Power versus Self Power. Indeed one of the major criticisms of Pure Land Buddhism is its emphasis on the power of Amitabha Buddha
Uploaded 5 Jul 2013
Spiritual fulfilment requires doctrinal commitment and ecclesiastical continuity
What is a Buddhism that denies rebirth and karma, the metaphysical and moral motivations for the Buddhist path? And what is a Buddhism that hesitates to affirm the paramount institution of the sangha,
Uploaded 10 May 2013
Chinese Buddhist Movement Brings 6 Steps to a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling Life
Some years ago in the city of Da Tong in Shaanxi Province in China a local made some suggestions to an ill neighbour as to how he might become better. He suggested six things the ill person should do
Uploaded 6 May 2013
Belief and Faith: Challenging Oneself with Pure Land Teachings
When I first committed myself to the Pure Land method, I too found many concepts challenging, none the least the practice of continually reciting, breathing and meditating on the Buddha’s name. Noneth
Uploaded 1 Nov 2012
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