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<i>Yasodhara</i>: Retellings and Hagiographies of the Buddhist Feminine
Gleaning fresh meaning from timeless stories and lore
Uploaded 20 Feb 2019
Fearsome and Impeccably Coiffed: Centering Women in <i>Yasodhara</i>
A review of Vanessa Sasson’s new novel on the Buddha’s wife
Uploaded 11 Feb 2019
Falguni Purnima: Celebrating Family Reunions and the Buddha’s Life
The Buddhist equivalent of Hindu Holi
Uploaded 31 Mar 2017
<i>Buddhistdoor View</i>: Balancing “Family” Love with Love for All Beings
Approaching relationships with equanimity and loving-kindness
Uploaded 9 Sep 2016
Quiz ANSWERS - Life of the Buddha
  From the Life of the Buddha QUIZ:      1. Kapilavatthu/Kapilavasthu is a. An ancient kingdom in India   2. When and where was Prince Siddhattha born? a. On the ful
Uploaded 29 Aug 2013
Message for Vesak 2013
Editor's note: The following Dharma talk was given by Thay in Hong Kong and shared with Buddhistdoor International to mark the annivesary of the Buddha's life in 2013.Queen Mahamaya had a very ea
Uploaded 20 May 2013
Bandhaka, Siddhartha's mentor
In Tezuka's original manga, Bandhaka’s role is little more than that of a minor villain, a contemptible rival to Siddhartha for Yasodharā’s affections. In this adaptation his importance is
Uploaded 18 Oct 2011
Poetry and poignancy that pierces the heart and mind
Buddhacarita or Acts of the Buddha Author: AsvaghosaTranslation and Commentary by E.H. Johnston, 2004 edition   Asvaghosa was an ancient Indian dramatist and is one of my literary heroes. I find
Uploaded 1 Aug 2011
The Buddha's first visit to His relatives
Source: by Premasara Epasinghe, Daily News (Sri Lanka) In the annals of Buddhism, many important events relating to the life of the Gautama Buddha took place on Medin Full Moon Poya Day. Therefore, m
Uploaded 28 Feb 2010
The Meaning and Significance of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems
In the Theravāda Buddhist Tradition the followers before performing any rites and rituals, chanting, recitation of suttas etc. Usually take refuge in the triple gems (tiratana), namely: the Buddha, th
Uploaded 17 Nov 2009
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