Unlock the Mind: the BDI Meditative Praxis Interviews

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Buddhistdoor Global | 2013-09-23 |
The Unlock the Mind press poster.The Unlock the Mind press poster.
Video interview featuring Dr. Rick Hanson.Video interview featuring Dr. Rick Hanson.
Video interview featuring Prof. Charles Willemen.Video interview featuring Prof. Charles Willemen.
The venue of the conference.The venue of the conference.
The Peace of Mind book launch, with Cathy Ziengs.The Peace of Mind book launch, with Cathy Ziengs.
This exclusive series of interviews celebrates the Meditative Praxis conference held at The University of Hong Kong from the 24th to the 25th of August, 2013. Sponsored by Tung Lin Kok Yuen, the conference invited eighteen eminent scholars of Buddhist Studies and/or psychology and mind science to give a paper and lecture about recent developments and discoveries in the field of applied meditation.

Speakers accepted invitations to an interview about their papers. The purpose of the Meditative Praxis Interviews are:
1.    To connect the professors' research on meditation with the coverage of Buddhistdoor International,

2.    To provide a new platform for discussion about the general direction of meditative culture beyond the academy, and:

3.    To understand the current trajectory of research on meditation for the next few years. 
1. Professor Eli Franco – The Voice of Jitari: Dialogue and Interaction in the Medieval Buddhist Experience

2. Professor J. Mark G. Williams – Using Mindfulness to Tackle Depression (YouTube)

3. Professor Charles Willemen – On the Trail of the Pure Lands and the Origins of Mahayana (YouTube) 

4. Dr. Rick Hanson – Neurodharma: A New Way of Healing (YouTube) 

5. Professor Dorji Wangchuk – Theory and Practice: Conundrums and Dichotomies 

Book Launch for Peace of Mind

The Meditative Praxis conference also hosted the book launch of Buddhistdoor International's first paperback, Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind is a free book/e-book and available to download here

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