2016–17 Master of Buddhist Studies Program at The University of Hong Kong

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Buddhistdoor Global | 2016-01-13 |

The Centre of Buddhist Studies (CBS) of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is now inviting applications for admission to the Master of Buddhist Studies degree program for the academic year 2016–17. The degree is awarded through the Faculty of Arts, HKU.

The center suggests that the program is not only an opportunity to learn about Buddhist teachings in a systemic and comprehensive way, “but is also a chance for you to understand more about yourself and the path to sustainable happiness.”

The program objectives are to offer quality teaching on the fundamental understanding and in-depth analysis of Buddhism, and to elucidate on the application of Buddhist teachings in modern society. The areas of study encompass the history and doctrines of the great Buddhist traditions, contemporary Buddhism, Buddhism’s application to counseling, palliative care, and psychotherapy, and scriptural languages and textual studies.

For course details, regulations, and application procedures, visit the website of The Centre of Buddhist Studies, HKU:

Closing Date for Applications: 15 March 2016
Course Commencement: September 2016

Enquiries: (852) 3917-2847

See Venerable Hin Hung, director of CBS, discuss the program in this video:

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