Dialogue Between Theravada Buddhists and Carmelite Contemplatives to be Held in Avila, Spain

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Buddhistdoor Global | 2017-07-12 |
St. Teresa of Avila.St. Teresa of Avila.

On 27–30 July, the International Centre of Teresian and Sanjuanist Studies (CITeS) at the University of Mysticism (Universidad de la Mística) in Avila, Spain, will host the first encounter of its kind between the Carmelite tradition and Theravada Buddhists in a spirit of dialogue and friendship. 

Please find the full conference program and registration form here

Interreligious dialogue is an urgent need in times of spiritual crisis and division, which is particularly pronounced in our age. Because of this, the International Centre of Teresian and Sanjuanist Studies (CITeS) is pleased to announce its intention to conduct a series of encounters that will place Teresian mysticism in dialogue with other religious traditions. The first of these events is an encounter between Carmelites and Buddhists of the Theravada tradition, the oldest living tradition of Buddhism, organized in collaboration with the Centre of Buddhist Studies of The University of Hong Kong (HKU).

By cordially inviting brothers and sisters of the Theravada tradition, CITeS would like to deepen the understanding of both parties’ respective faiths and practices.

Guests at the conference will include HKU Centre of Buddhist Studies director Ven. Hin Hung, Discalced Carmelite nun Sister María José Pérez, Buddhist Studies academic Dr. Rupert Gethin, and Dr. Maximiliano Herráiz, among many more.

The city of Avila. From trip-n-travel.comThe city of Avila. From

The conference does not seek to deny the differences between the two traditions, or to reduce them to a common denominator. Rather, through the principles of equality, deep respect, and desire for cooperation, the organizers would like to offer the possibility of a genuine and fruitful dialogue and to explore options to address the current spiritual crisis.

The theme proposed for this encounter is meditation and contemplation. Among other activities, the encounter will feature presentations, roundtables, prayer and meditation workshops, and chanting, all in an atmosphere of conviviality and fraternity.

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1st. World Encounter Teresian Mysticism and Interreligious Dialogue: Theravada Buddhism and Teresian Mysticism — Meditation and Contemplation, Pathways to Peace
International Centre of Teresian and Sanjuanist Studies
The Centre of Buddhist Studies of the University of Hong Kong

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