Free Webinar: Sacred Buddhist Texts and the Art that Makes them Accessible 

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Buddhistdoor Global | 2021-09-27 |

Buddhist conservator Ann Shaftel is giving a public lecture on Traditional Sacred Texts and the Art that Makes them Accessible for Dalhousie University School of Information Management in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Traditional Buddhist texts in monasteries were inaccessible to diverse populations who had low literacy. Paintings, sculpture, music, and dance carried iconographic depictions from the texts to serve as a guide to meditation and visualization. 

The relationship between texts and illustrative art is traditional and ongoing, even in today’s digital universe. This presentation offers insights into traditional Buddhist monastery archives and the changing art forms that continue to illustrate sacred texts. 

Lecture details

Auckland: 9:30am, Tuesday 28 September
Canberra: 6:30am, Tuesday 28 September
Seoul, Tokyo: 5:30am, Tuesday 28 September
Beijing/Hong Kong/Singapore/Taipei: 4:30am, Tuesday 28 September
Bangkok/Jakarta: 3:30am, Tuesday 28 September
New Delhi: 2am, Tuesday 28 September
Moscow: 11:30pm, Monday 27 September
Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris/Stockholm: 10:30pm, Monday 27 September
London: 9:30pm, Monday 27 September
Halifax/Buenos Aires: 5:30pm, Monday 27 September
Montréal/New York: 4:30pm, Monday 27 September
Los Angeles/Vancouver: 1:30pm, Monday 27 September

This lecture is free and no registration is necessary. 

Enter with this link and watch on Microsoft Teams or in your web browser: 

Ann Shaftel, a conservator and SIM Faculty member, is a Fellow of International Institute of Conservation, a Fellow of American Institute of Conservation, and Member of Canadian Association of Professional Conservators, ICOM AND ICOMOS. Ann works internationally for archives, museums, universities, and monasteries. Since 1970, she has researched and taught in Asia, as well as extensive travel through the Middle East, Europe and North America. Ann founded Treasure Caretaker Training, the award-winning preservation non-profit

More details: Series: Information Management Public Lectures (Dalhousie University)

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Series: Information Management Public Lectures (Dalhousie University)
Dalhousie School of Information Management (YouTube)
Treasure Caretaker Training

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