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dharma-anusārin (dharmānusārin)
Dictionary Definition :

Dharma-anusārin (Sanskrit, one who follows in the Dharma; Pāli, Dhamma-anusārī). According to the early teachings, the path to enlightenment (bodhi) may be entered and its fruit attained in a variety of ways. The Dharma-anusārin is the fifth in a sevenfold list of noble persons (ārya-pudgala) who enter the Noble Path through a range of dispositions. The Dharma-anusārin is distinguished by the fact that he attains the path through an intellectual grasp of the teachings. This is in contrast to the śraddhā-anusārī (Pāli, saddhā-anusārī), who attains to the state of a noble person on the basis of the faculty of faith (śraddhā). For the complete list of the seven noble persons see ārya-pudgala.

A Dictionary of Buddhism, Oxford University Press, 2003, 2004 (which is available in electronic version from answer.com)
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