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tha dad

[translation-san] {LCh,MSA} nānā

[translation-san] {C} nānātva

[translation-san] {C} nānātvatā

[translation-san] {LCh,MSA} bhinna

[translation-san] {C} bheda (=dharma-bheda)

[translation-san] {C} an-eka

[translation-san] {C} vyatibheda

[translation-san] {MV} pṛthaktva

[translation-eng] {Hopkins} different; distinct; separate; difference; different phenomena

[translation-eng] {C} distinct; multiplicity; differentiation; manifoldness; distinction; dissention; breaking up; break; divided; division; various; manifold; variety; diverse

[definition-bod] mtshan nyid so so ba'i chos

[definition-eng] Def.: phenomena that are different

[comments] Comment: Difference can refer merely to nominal difference, such as the difference between bum pa and pot; Examples of different phenomena are (1) the two, permanent and functioning thing (rtags dngos gnyis); these are mutually exclusive ('gal ba) and a dichotomy; (2) the two, object of knowledge and existent (shes bya dang yod pa gnyis); these are equivalent (don gcig) but not one (gcig); (3) the two, pillar and pot (ka bum gnyis); (4) the two, pot and the impermanence of pot (bum pa dang bum pa steng gi mi rtag pa gnyis); these are one entity but different isolates (ngo bo gcig la ldog pa tha dad).


  • [bod] bum pa dang tha dad
  • [eng] different from pot
Jeffrey Hopkins' Tibetan-Sanskrit-English Dictionary

rnam pa

[translation-san] {LCh,MV,MSA} ākāra

[translation-san] {C,MV} prakāra

[translation-san] {C} ākāratā

[translation-san] {C} ākṛti

[translation-san] bheda (=dharma-bheda)

[translation-san] {MSA} gati

[translation-san] {MSA} vidhi

[translation-san] {MV} kāraṇa (?)

[translation-eng] {Hopkins} kind; type; aspect; form

[translation-eng] {C} specific constitution; variety; way; way; various; distinction; difference; dissention; break(ing up); differentiation; divided; division; the one ... the others

[comments] one of the mtshungs ldan lnga; for others see: mtshungs ldan

Jeffrey Hopkins' Tibetan-Sanskrit-English Dictionary
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