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The Xuanzang Memorial: Evoking China and India’s Buddhist Past and Future
A commentary on the role of Buddhism in the diplomatic relations between India and China
Uploaded 7 Apr 2017
Approaching Vajrayana – Part Four: A Tale of Two Sciences
An examination of Tibetan Buddhism's empirical approach to the study of the Dharma
Uploaded 5 Feb 2016
Two Roads to an Awakened Heart
“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road does not mean they are lost.” - Dalai Lama (goodreads)   In my personal spiritual journey, I’ve
Uploaded 9 Jan 2015
Beyond All Differences: Interview with Tina Turner and the Beyond Music Quartet
Moving “beyond” religious, cultural, and social differences, the Beyond project is an interfaith musical series created by four women: a “Baptist-Buddhist,” a Hindu, a Christian, and a Tibetan Buddhis
Uploaded 29 Aug 2014
Considering a Buddhist Pilgrimage?
All about making pilgrimage trips
Uploaded 1 Apr 2012
Doomsday Myths: Reminders of Impermanence
If you're reading this, it means that the Apocalypse did not arrive on May 21st, 2011 as predicted by the evangelical preacher Harold Camping. Doomsday scenarios are an interesting phenomenon, particu
Uploaded 24 May 2011
Notification of a Book on Contemporary Buddhism in Bangladesh
Contemporary Buddhism in Bangladesh (167 pages) By Dr. Sukomal Chaudhuri Atisha Memorial Publishing Society Calcutta, India, 1982   An English scholar, student, or reader interested in learning
Uploaded 28 Feb 2011
The Meaning and Significance of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems
In the Theravāda Buddhist Tradition the followers before performing any rites and rituals, chanting, recitation of suttas etc. Usually take refuge in the triple gems (tiratana), namely: the Buddha, th
Uploaded 17 Nov 2009
What is Reality?
“What is Reality?: A Compendium of Scientific Discovery and the Buddha’s Discovery” By Dhammadassi Bhikkhu and Kenneth B. GunatungePublished by the authors in 2010, Colombo Pages: 480   In ou
Uploaded 1 Oct 2008
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