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Nurturing the Roots of Chinese Buddhism in Africa
Humanistic Buddhism comes to Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, and many other countries
Uploaded 29 Dec 2016
Reviving the Bhikkhuni Sangha in Indonesia: an Interview with Ayya Santini
Re-establishing the fourfold sangha
Uploaded 25 Nov 2016
<i>Buddhistdoor View</I>: Ambition and Recognition—Moral Questions About Secular Aspirations
Reconciling secular ambitions with Buddhist practice
Uploaded 19 Aug 2016
The Central Theme of the Mahāsatipațțhāna-sutta (DN)
Editor's note: This feature was first published in the now-retired Bodhi Journal, Issue 4, June 2007. IntroductionThe Greater Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness (Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna-sutta.
Uploaded 17 Apr 2013
Mindfulness, Breathing, and Walking: Reflection after a Thich Nhat Hanh Retreat
Imagine doing walking meditation through one of Hong Kong’s busier MTR stations, or the London Tube. Your pace is slower than most, deliberate, and mindful. As you walk, you inhale and exhale calmly,
Uploaded 29 Nov 2010
Being humble is itself a spiritual practice
Whilst the concept of mindfulness has become universally accepted (often due to the amazing efforts of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and his students), many can still feel uncomfortable with the word &ld
Uploaded 25 Jul 2010
How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice Through the Energy of Prayer
A complete immersion in Buddhist discipleship requires awareness and mindfulness of the intensely personal dimensions of the Buddhist heritage. For disciples, the intimacy of the Buddha is revealed in
Uploaded 2 Jul 2010
The relationship between non-attachment and unconditional love in Buddhism
One theme never recedes into the background of Buddhist discipleship. This theme is love, and countless masters and dharma-preachers have spent their lives ascertaining how to make love unconditional.
Uploaded 9 Apr 2010
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