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Earth Day and Eco-Dharma: Celebration and Somber Reflection
Earth Day, 22 April, is a day to celebrate the glories of the natural world. For those of us who are aware of the ecological crisis our planet is on the brink of, it may also bring up grief, anger, or
Uploaded 24 Apr 2015
Nine-Story Mountain: The Making of a Pilgrimage
As an anthropologist and artist, the individualistic and community-focused elements of pilgrimage journeys, which seem to meander easily between the personal and the communal, fascinate me. I am drawn
Uploaded 7 Mar 2014
POSTCARD from Dharamsala
Hi Mom and Dad,Missing you both today and being there for Thanksgiving with everyone else! It's beautiful here in the mountains and I had an amazing day visiting with children in the local orphanage –
Uploaded 1 Nov 2012
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