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Founding a Landmark of the Dharma in Canada
Establishing the Po Lam nunnery in Chilliwack
Uploaded 29 Dec 2016
Being a Social Architect in Sri Lanka: An Interview with Dr. Charika Marasinghe
Dr. Ahangamage Tudor Ariyaratne embodies patient but unwavering activism in a frail body of 83 years. The instant I shook his wrinkled hand at his residence, I felt I was with someone who could truly
Uploaded 27 Feb 2015
Gay Marriage and Buddhism: A Simple Deal
Behind the tinkle of white cups is my aunt’s loud and confident voice, declaring that while gay marriage should be allowed, it shouldn’t be permissible for homosexuals to adopt children. Lest, of cour
Uploaded 5 Jan 2013
Wisdom and Compassion: The Blessed One’s Gifts to All Beings
In Buddhist Studies, a slogan commonly touted by scholars (not only for the sake of academic rigour but also to add some drama to their classes) is that we can never know what the Buddha taught (Wynn,
Uploaded 1 Oct 2012
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