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Gay Marriage and Buddhism: A Simple Deal
Behind the tinkle of white cups is my aunt’s loud and confident voice, declaring that while gay marriage should be allowed, it shouldn’t be permissible for homosexuals to adopt children. Lest, of cour
Uploaded 5 Jan 2013
Our Roundup: Buddhist News You Missed
Recently BDI co-hosted a dialogue about controversial contemporary issues with Ven. Thamthog Rinpoche (Vajrayāna), Ven. Tianwen (Mahāyāna), and Ven. Dhammapala (Theravāda). You can read about some of
Uploaded 22 Sep 2012
Buddhist moral grey areas: Is there wrongdoing without defilement?
With the 20th Century often characterized by poets and essayists as an era of lost innocence, many in the 21st Century have had the fortune (and this is truly a fortune) to understand that black and w
Uploaded 1 Feb 2011
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