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Who was Alexandra David-Neel? A Brief Story of a Buddhist Anarchist
The remarkable life of a fearless explorer
Uploaded 30 Sep 2016
Ecological Crisis: A Buddhist Analysis and its Resolution
Editor's note: This article was first published in the now-retired Bodhi Journal, Issue 10, December 2008.   Email:bdsaddhananda@yahoo.com ‘The earliest doctrinal elemen
Uploaded 26 Apr 2013
The danger of a "trendy" Buddhism
One of the most striking memories I’ll never forget is the time I went to celebrate Vesak on May 2010. One could not miss the venue: the planned celebrations were to be held at the famed Hong Ko
Uploaded 15 Mar 2013
Hong Kong University's Centre of Buddhist Studies has a moral mission
Those who have seen the newest poster from The Hong Kong University’s Centre of Buddhist Studies will not necessarily like it. Judging from reactions both online and off, the general reception a
Uploaded 16 Jan 2013
Love and Compassion: Rumi's Seven Pieces of Advice
  Original Chinese text: Dr. Thomas Lau Translation: Isabelle Tsang  English editing: Dr. Thomas Lau      This summer, the Anatolia Cultural & Dialog Centre of Tur
Uploaded 15 Oct 2012
Planting Seeds of Understanding
  Imagine … “a world where people are deeply grounded in a moral and ethical tradition, where humility and service are highly valued and where reason, science and tec
Uploaded 15 Oct 2012
Batman: The Dark Knight – A Buddhist Perspective
 “Batman - The Dark Knight” film has the deepest meaning among the Batman movie series. It inherits the consistent theme throughout – that all the villains are portrayed as survivo
Uploaded 28 May 2012
Was Steve Jobs really Buddhist?
Short answer: No
Uploaded 12 Nov 2011
Generosity, Right Livelihood and Appreciation: Reflections on Buddhist lay life
Sometimes I feel that the choice to be a lay disciple in Buddhism matters just as much as choosing to be ordained. As laypeople we are obligated, in my opinion, to accept that our way of life is to fi
Uploaded 1 Sep 2011
The Morality of Buddhist Precepts
Separating morality from precept-taking
Uploaded 1 Mar 2010
Perspectives: The Buddha's Law Among the Birds
Author: Unknown Translation and Commentary by Edward Conze, 2002 edition   Teaching the Dharma to Those that Fly   No matter how frustrating or hopeless certain points in life may feel, two state
Uploaded 1 Sep 2008
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