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Right Mindfulness (Sammā Sati)
Right Mindfulness is the seventh aggregate of the Noble Eight Fold Path. There are four foundations of mindfulness for a genuine Buddhist yogi or practitioner, namely mindfulness of the sensual experi
Uploaded 2 Nov 2011
I once heard a talk by Ajahn Brahmavamso, and he said that even without having to learn the technique, we do the meditation of the second noble truth all the time. Why is that so?   THREE KINDS OF D
Uploaded 1 Sep 2011
Short Stories of Discovering One's Inner Joy
Where is my key?One night a man was crawling around on his hands and knees to look for something underneath a lamppost. When his friends saw him, they asked him what he was looking for, and he told th
Uploaded 16 Apr 2010
A Taste of Zen
It is said that there are nearly 1,700 kung-an (Japanese: koan) that Zen masters used.  In Zen, practitioners use kung-an as subjects for meditation until their minds come to awakening.  The differenc
Uploaded 16 Apr 2010
Let Go!
Once a man came to see the Buddha. He brought with him two beautiful bouquets of flowers. When the Buddha saw him, he said, “Let go”. The man thought that the Buddha wanted him to put down the flowers
Uploaded 18 Aug 2009
Bring Happiness Home
A man went to his colleague’s home for dinner.  At the door, there was a big sign saying:Take off your troubles.Put on a Smiling Face.Bring Happiness Home. He was surprised to see the
Uploaded 20 Jun 2009
The Moon of Clear Mind
“How can I get beyond just verbalizing the question, “What am I?” a student asked the Zen Master Seung Sahn Soen-sa.   Soen-sa answered, “You want this question to grow. This mind is no good. This i
Uploaded 1 Nov 2008
Kusala and Akusala
For Buddhists, the practice of moral life is a graduated course.  It involves self-transformation from a lower to higher level.  Moral teachings in Buddhism are not commandments but rather as guidelin
Uploaded 1 Nov 2008
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