Right Mindfulness (Sammā Sati)

By Pastoral voices
Buddhistdoor Global | 2011-11-02 |

Right Mindfulness is the seventh aggregate of the Noble Eight Fold Path. There are four foundations of mindfulness for a genuine Buddhist yogi or practitioner, namely mindfulness of the sensual experiences of the physical body, mindfulness of the emotional experiences of feelings, mindfulness of whatever thoughts arisen in the mind and mindfulness of the external phenomena of the immediate environmental stimuli.

The first three domains of mindfulness are internal experiences and the fourth one is an external experience of an individual person. The right mindfulness is exercised with clear awareness so that the illusory self-centric ego exercised through grasping or clinging ceases to direct and empower all sense activities. The annihilation of self-centric ego is experienced through the power of equanimity. Equanimity is the right mindfulness or wisdom of non-attachment and non-aversion. Buddhist power of equanimity is the wisdom of discerning the Truth of Insubstantiality or Selflessness (Anatt?).

The discernment of the ultimate Truth of Anatt? is the Way or Path to liberation. The four establishments of mindfulness (catt?ri satipa??h?na). When Gotama Buddha exerts that satipa??h?na is the sole Way to Nibb?na, he means that Anatt? is the Wisdom to actualize emancipation or salvation. Nibb?na is the pure and infinite consciousness of a delivered Buddhist.

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