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Exploring Buddhist Harmony and Inclusiveness in Japan
Theravada monk BD Dipananda embraces the Buddhist delights of Japan
Uploaded 15 Jan 2016
<i>Buddhistdoor View</i>: Cultivating Gratitude this Holiday Season
Meaningful living through mindful awareness and gratitude
Uploaded 24 Dec 2015
Beopjeong Sunim’s Korean Way of Tea
When I was a nun at the Seon (Zen) temple Songgwangsa, I would often take a walk up the steep hill that led to Bulilam, the hermitage of Beopjeong Sunim (1932–2010). Venerable Beopjeong was a renowned
Uploaded 5 Sep 2014
Himalayas Breathing: Narrow Road to the Inner Region
Editor's note: Oleg Yuzefpolsky is an artistic filmmaker, music innovator, and producer of media about the Himalayas. Buddhist and environmental values inform his treks and work. He prefers not to use
Uploaded 23 Jul 2013
Peace of Mind and How to Achieve It
Amidst the peaceful, tranquil ambience of the 6-day meditation retreat “Peace of Mind and How to Achieve It”, a charismatic and spirited voice roams the main shrine and alleyways of Wang Fat Ching She
Uploaded 21 Feb 2011
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