Turning Inward in the Present Moment, Finding Peace – An Evening with Dr. Barry Kerzin

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Most of our life is directed outward, to the future or the past. Led by Dr. Barry Kerzin, this program will show us ways to access the present moment and hence find calm and inner peace. Turning inward opens the door to a new way of living, in harmony with nature and those around us and leaving no room for anxiety, frustration, fear, or anger. Please join us for an enriching evening, which will include some meditation (no prior experience necessary). The talk will be conducted in English and is free of charge.

Time: 30 March 2016 (Wed), 7.00–9.00 pm

Venue: Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall, Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong

Registration: Public Lecture by Barry

Enquiries: (852) 2405 6338 or 

About Dr. Barry Kerzin

Dr. Barry Kerzin is a Buddhist monk, teacher, and medical doctor. He is the founder and president of the Altruism in Medicine Institute; chairman of the Human Values Institute, Japan; honorary professor at The University of Hong Kong; and former assistant professor of Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Over the last 28 years, he has completed many short and long meditation retreats, including the traditional three-year retreat. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Princeton University, he was a subject for research on long-term meditators. This research has been published in the leading neuroscience journals in the world.

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