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Summer Adams was born in California and lives at Chagdud Gonpa Brazil’s main center, Khadro Ling. She was introduced to the Buddhist teachings at a young age while accompanying her parents to many ceremonies and teachings. In August 2000, Summer traveled to Khadro Ling to complete a retreat of Vajrayana preliminary practices under the guidance of Chagdud Rinpoche and his wife, Chagdud Khadro. She originally planned to stay only a few months, but after engaging in a sequence of retreats became a full-time volunteer, and has served the activities of the Gonpa ever since. Now the mother of two lively young daughters, she continues to dedicate her time to volunteer work, practice, and study.


Heather Sanche is a practicing Buddhist who is applying the principles and practice of the Buddhadharma in her new journey of motherhood.

Buddhist Parenting is discontinued but you can continue reading the column articles below.

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Smartphones, Parenting, and Struggling to Set a Good Example
The struggle of being a mindful parent in our technologically advanced world
Uploaded 12 Oct 2018
Maintaining Joy and Inspiration as Parents
On play, story time, and the Buddhist (hi)stories
Uploaded 16 Jun 2018
Learning from Sibling Squabbles
Maintaining harmony in the Buddhist household
Uploaded 14 Apr 2018
The Ritual of Daily Routines
Adding ritual to routine to provide structure and healthy habits for our children
Uploaded 6 Feb 2018
Encouraging moments at Drubchen
Lessons on friendship and supporting each other
Uploaded 18 Aug 2017
Finding Ways to Educate Our Children with Buddhist Wisdom
Sharing the Dharma with the future
Uploaded 5 May 2017
Childhood Pets, Animals, and Kindness
Cultivating compassion and making choices
Uploaded 7 Apr 2017
Family Matters: Taking Turns Parenting in Retreat
Integrating children into the retreat experience
Uploaded 3 Mar 2017
Acknowledging Mistakes and Moving Forward
Recognizing our capacity for change
Uploaded 6 Jan 2017
Meditating with the Younger Sangha
The value of meditation and sharing the Buddha's teachings
Uploaded 30 Dec 2016
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