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Dharma Project of the Month showcases Buddhist organisations and individuals who are addressing various issues within their communities, with a special focus on South East Asia. Be it caring for abandoned children and orphans or providing free health care and funeral services for the poor, this column draws inspiration from the many individuals who are putting Buddhist compassion into action by serving the marginalised and less fortunate in their own societies.


About the author 


Shuyin is a freelance writer and mindfulness teacher who works with the elderly and adolescents.  Having spent more than 10 years in Sri Lanka as a volunteer with a Buddhist charity, she continues to be active in various projects which addresses the needs of the rural poor in various countries.


Dharma Project of the Month is on hiatus and is expected to continue in the fall of 2019. 

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Blind but not Lost
Enabling Myanmar's visually impaired through the Dharma
Uploaded 5 Nov 2018
Twilight Villa – The Last Hope for Myanmar’s Sick and Abandoned Elderly
A final refuge for the forsaken and forgotten
Uploaded 12 Sep 2018
The Right to Sight
Returning the gift of sight to the elderly and underpriviliged in Sri Lanka, one cataract surgery at a time
Uploaded 5 Jul 2018
Waiting on the Dead
Former movie star takes the sting out of dying for Myanmar’s poor
Uploaded 7 May 2018
The Gift of Giving: #SayadanaEveryday
Walking the Buddhist path of generosity
Uploaded 19 Mar 2018
Monastics in White: The Medical Monks and Nuns of Vietnam
A tradition of engaged Buddhism
Uploaded 8 Jan 2018
myMe: Hope on Wheels for Myanmar’s “Lost” Generation
Bringing education and the hope of a better future
Uploaded 12 Dec 2017
Filling the Emptiness with Love at the Duc Son Orphanage
Providing a proper home and hope for abandoned children in Vietnam
Uploaded 24 Nov 2017
Preserving and Protecting the Buddhist Heritage of Laos
Tracing the threads of the past for the benefit of the future
Uploaded 17 Oct 2017
Reviving a Vietnamese Family Tradition – The Trantien Foundation
Bringing joy and happiness, and lessening the suffering of fellow beings
Uploaded 15 Sep 2017
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