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Jungmyungsa Buddhist Temple: A Haven of Korean Buddhism in Queens
Sharing the Dharma and bringing communities together
Uploaded 28 Jul 2017
Diplomacy, Heritage, and Cultural Pride: Reviving the Buddhist Legacy of Islamic Pakistan
Buddhism playing a vital role in Pakistan's Asian diplomacy
Uploaded 24 Feb 2017
Reflections from the 14th Sakyadhita International Conference: Nurturing the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha
An examination of equal opportunity for ordination and Buddhist education for women
Uploaded 28 Aug 2015
<i>Devout Patrons of Buddhist Art</i> – Exhibition Review
Korean Buddhist art exhibit at The National Museum of Korea
Uploaded 24 Jul 2015
The Dragon-girl and Her Monks: Shanmiao’s Relationships with Uisang and Myoe
An archetypal three-way relationship between a shapeshifting girl and two monks
Uploaded 10 Apr 2015
Sunbeam, Stone, Water, Wood: A Travelogue of Bongamsa Temple
A Buddhist wonder in the mountains of South Korea
Uploaded 27 Mar 2015
Medieval Artifacts, Modern Angst: Venerable Dae Bong on Korean Seon
On 18 August, a team of researchers in Seoul thrilled the archeological community when its members unearthed a ceramic pot at the site of Dobong Seowon, a Confucian academy built in the Joseon period
Uploaded 17 Oct 2014
“What is This?”: Seon Practice in the Korean Tradition
After I became a nun in Korea in 1975, I visited a number of Taiwanese Buddhist temples and Japanese Zen temples. This made me realize what a great piece of luck it was that I had become a Seon nun at
Uploaded 19 Sep 2014
Beopjeong Sunim’s Korean Way of Tea
When I was a nun at the Seon (Zen) temple Songgwangsa, I would often take a walk up the steep hill that led to Bulilam, the hermitage of Beopjeong Sunim (1932–2010). Venerable Beopjeong was a renowned
Uploaded 5 Sep 2014
Learning from Venerable (Pangjang) Kusan Sunim
I arrived in Songgwangsa (one of the oldest Seon, or Zen, temples in South Korea) in 1975 on the first day of the biggest ceremony of the year, the commemoration of the death of national master Bojo.
Uploaded 22 Aug 2014
To Search for a Buddhist Center
  Finding places in Hong Kong that provide services in English can be a bit of a tall order.  Religious organizations are no exception.  For one reason or another, the language has nev
Uploaded 19 Feb 2013
Moment Mind = 1/ Infinite Time
Zen Master Seung Sahn was the 78th Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism – a monk who devoted his whole life to propagating the dharma across the world and was awarded t
Uploaded 13 Jun 2012
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